About Kefalonia Island

Ranzo Ionio is located in the magnificent island of Kefalonia, the biggest in the Ionian Sea. Kefalonia is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, particularly famous for its gorgeous beaches, traditional villages, natural beauty and hospitality of the locals.
Providing excellent and qualitative tourism infrastructure, Kefalonia attracts thousands of visitors every summer.
Ranzo Ionio is ideally situated on the slopes of a hill in Tzamarelata village. On the northern side of Kefalonia and very close to Fiskardo.

Recommented Sights

Castle of Assos : This castle is a fine, genuine example of Venetian fortification architecture. It is built on the peninsula of Assos and is a great place to enjoy breathtaking views.

Lake Cavern of Melissani : The Lake Cavern of Melissani is a unique geological phenomenon and was formed after the collapse of the roof section. Discovered in 1951, it is home to 20,000 year old stalactites which create a magical atmosphere. It is also known as the Cave of Nymphs, because prehistoric people living there worshiped the god Pana and the presence of female figures.

Cyclopean Walls : The Cyclopean Walls are located just outside the village of Razata and are ruins of the walls of the ancient city of Kranis. They are named so because of their huge size. Cyclopean Walls were considered very important for the Greek art of fortification during the Mycenaean era.

Garden of Napier : A beautiful park with green plants and trees inside of Argostoli, the Garden of Napier takes its name from the English commander who was instrumental in developing the infrastructure of the Island. It is an ideal place for relaxation in the sunshine, or an evening stroll.